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Home Automation: Elevating Modern Living with Notomia
Sharing Economy Revolutionizes Consumer Access to Luxury and Real Estate in Milan

Consumers are comfortable having access to goods and services for a limited period rather than purchasing them.

Now, with the new sharing economy models, luxury products are available for a fraction of their cost, where we want and when we want.

Even the world of real estate, which is rapidly expanding in the urban area of Milan, aligns itself with the trend and needs to embrace profound structural innovation to meet the needs of today's consumers.

The pandemic has brought out new trends and accelerated trends already underway:

- Multipurpose house with spaces dedicated to work
- Multifunctional condominium services such as lockers, gym and rooms
- On-demand services for residents
- Technology and smart home

Key Benefits
NHA's B2B2C Model: Transforming Building Experience, Marketing, and Management

NHA adopts B2B2C business model, where it leverages the proliferation of on-demand services and the relevance of specialized local vendors as suppliers.

Building experience
Residents have access to a combination of value-added services that make their lives easier and save time and space in everyday life.

In-House Marketing
NHA will leverage the direct relationship with residents to introduce new brands into their home. It is a completely new and untapped sales channel that has the potential to change the way a product is discovered by placing it in the context of use.

Building management
NHA’s web and mobile platform will allow the property to manage the building, including: concierge, maintenance requests, package delivery and communication with residents.

The solution
Modular Automation: Tailored Smart Home Solutions for Residential and Beyond

Automation transforms the idea of smart home into modularly applicable realities.

To offer a technological experience in relation to innovation, we have designed a tailor-made system for the automation of apartments within a residential building, for booking common spaces, as well as a management platform used by the concierge.

The approach used is the user-centered one, which took into consideration all the players in the building.
The applied process will allow further applications, not only to the home, be it an apartment or independent house, but also healthcare facilities, schools, hotels, companies, offices, etc...

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