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Ergonomic V.R.: Optimizing Automotive Design with Notomia Digital's Virtual Reality Solution
Ergonomic Design in Automotive: 'Notomia Ergonomic VR' Enhances Vehicle Comfort and Optimization

In the field of design in the automotive and supply sectors, ergonomics is a crucial aspect to consider from the early stages of development of a new product.

With the aim of ensuring comfort for customers it is essential to test and optimize every aspect of the design.

The "Notomia Ergonomic VR" project faced the challenge of improving the ergonomics of a product.

We started from the automotive sector to create a case study, in this case a commercial vehicle (strategic for also testing different personas). The main challenge was to evaluate and optimize the reachability, visibility and other ergonomic aspects of the vehicle during the design phase.

The results
Optimization of Ergonomics and Maximization of Efficiency.

Thanks to the "Notomia Ergonomic V.R." product, it is possible to identify and solve potential ergonomic problems from the early stages of a product's development.

Tests conducted in Virtual Reality allow designers to optimize e.g. - as in the case of the commercial vehicle used as a home - the position and layout of the elements, significantly improving the reachability, visibility and overall usability of the vehicle.

In conclusion, the product "Notomia Ergonomic V.R." represents an excellent example of how Virtual Reality technology can be used to improve the ergonomics and usability of simple, but also complex products as in the case of a commercial vehicle used for different applications and by different types of users.

Thanks to virtual prototyping and ergonomic tests in VR, it is possible to maximize comfort and usability while optimizing costs and results

The solution
Revolutionizing Ergonomic Testing in Automotive Design

To address this challenge, the Notomia team has developed an innovative application based on Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

This application allows designers to quickly validate choices and conduct detailed ergonomic tests in a virtual environment.

Using the "Notomia Ergonomic V.R." application, designers are able to simulate real vehicle use conditions, evaluating the position and accessibility of key components such as the dashboard, vehicle controls and on-board instruments.

Through the use of VR input devices, operators can interact with the virtual vehicle and provide immediate feedback on comfort and usability.

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