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A.R. Configurator: Transforming Customization in Industry with Notomia

Revolutionary Interactive Configurator: Empowering Customer Personalization in Automotive, Furniture, and Real Estate

Industries such as automotive, furniture but also real estate are constantly evolving, and with them also customer expectations.

For this reason we created an innovative application that allowed customers to customize and configure objects (cars, motorbikes, furniture but also living spaces) in an interactive and engaging way.

Configuration is a crucial moment for customers, as they want to choose every detail according to their preferences and needs.

However, the traditional setup process can be limited and uninvolving, with default options and a static view of details.

First declension
AR Configurator: Personalized Automotive Experience with Audi, Enabling 360° Vehicle Exploration and Social Sharing

We therefore worked on a product that can be easily customized and declined for various uses, starting from the automotive sector and creating a case for the Audi brand.

"Automotive - AR CONFIGURATOR" allows brand customers to explore every aspect of their car, from the bodywork to the interior, with a 360-degree and detailed view.

With this solution, customers can personalize their vehicle according to their preferences, selecting colors, interiors, accessories and more, all with a simple touch on the screen of their device. Furthermore, the application offers dynamic animations that allow you to clearly and detailedly visualize features such as the sunroof or other dynamic elements of the vehicle.

Another selling point is the ability to share your favorite setup on social media, allowing customers to showcase their creativity and customization to their friends and followers.

This feature not only increases customer engagement but also helps promote the brand on online platforms.

The solution
Innovative and Engaging Customization Experience

Create an Augmented Reality configurator.

To address this challenge, our team committed itself to the study, design and development of an Augmented Reality (AR) application that offered a completely new and engaging configuration experience that could be used for different application areas.

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